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Where that pink slime in your bathroom comes from and how to get rid of it

Posted by Justin Chant on 13/06/17 11:29

Have you ever noticed a pale, pink staining in your bathroom; particularly around plug holes, the bases of taps or in the corners of showers? You may have thought this was perhaps the pigment left behind from soap, grout, rust or mould however you might be surprised to read that it is actually none of those things.


Topics: biological cleaning, washroom cleaning

How to clean solar panels and increase their efficiency

Posted by Justin Chant on 12/05/17 14:57

Solar panels are a wondrous modern invention. These feats of human engineering are able to absorb sunlight and convert it into a source of energy to generate electricity and heat - A greener, more sustainable method for providing power for future generations.


Topics: algae and moss, solar panels

Why you should always use a biological solution to remove odour

Posted by Justin Chant on 11/05/17 15:58

From waste and recycling bins through to carpets and fabrics malodour has a way of fixing itself onto a surface to showcase how dirty an area really is. Most of the time when a surface looks visibly clean yet emits an unpleasant odour we’ll reach for a heavily perfumed ‘deodoriser’. The problem with this method is that yes, it will temporarily mask anything unpleasant, however it won’t actually do anything to remove the smell. The molecules causing the odour will still be there, so once the fragrance has evaporated, the odour will return.


Topics: biological cleaning, odour control, odour removal

Why you should never mix cleaning chemicals

Posted by Justin Chant on 31/03/17 10:48

Why you should never mix cleaning chemicalsOpen up any cleaning cupboard and you’ll be confronted with a wide range of chemicals fit to tackle most cleaning tasks. But what happens when the product you’re using isn’t up to the job? Do you go back and grab something with a little more kick? Make a little chemical cocktail? Of course you do. But here is why you should never mix cleaning chemicals.


Topics: cleaning advice, chemical cleaning, Health and Safety

How to clean a classroom to A star standards

Posted by Justin Chant on 29/03/17 13:12

The classroom offers a perfect learning environment, away from the distractions of noise from the outside world. It may just seem like an indoor space, but in fact, every aspect of a classroom has been carefully considered – the layout, design, flow and décor have been designed to improve learning quality and aid concentration.


Topics: classroom cleaning, school cleaning

Cleaning Industry Trends and Analysis 2017

Posted by Justin Chant on 06/03/17 12:10

The cleaning industry is vital for businesses as they will always need their premises, offices, windows, floors, appliances etc. in a immaculate state for customers and workers. At the moment this is typically carried out by franchise cleaning businesses offering services such as office cleaning. These franchise businesses currently account for roughly 10% of the cleaning industry.


Topics: cleaning industry, statistics and analysis

How to remove chewing gum from carpet and other surfaces

Posted by Justin Chant on 03/03/17 12:56

For thousands of years, humans have enjoyed chewing. Not for nutritional benefit or dietary requirements, but simply for something to do. Over the years this included chewing anything from tree resin and grass, to leaves and grains.


Topics: cleaning advice, chewing gum

Dirty Work: The Hidden Horrors on your Office Desk

Posted by Justin Chant on 01/03/17 11:10

Did you know 30% of your life is spent at work? With people working longer hours and taking fewer breaks or holidays, a staggering third of your life is spent in a building or facility you have more daily contact with than your own home.


Topics: office cleaning,

How to Clean Rubber Stud Safety Flooring

Posted by Justin Chant on 24/02/17 14:20

You will normally find rubber stud flooring in public areas where the focus on hygiene is key such as hospitals, nursing homes, sports centres, pools and spas. However, in recent years, rubber flooring has become an interesting and fashionable flooring choice, being used in high-end hotels, showrooms and even within the home interiors market.


Topics: cleaning advice, Safety flooring

The difference between biological and non-biological cleaning products

Posted by Justin Chant on 22/02/17 16:02

In the present market there are more cleaning products than its possible to list. Especially when new products are constantly emerging - new names or new brands under a conglomerate and new, re-formulated mixes adding to an increasingly saturated market place.


Topics: biological cleaning, cleaning advice

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